May 11, 2013

as ever photography logo!

when jenny and i first emailed back and forth about a logo for her photography business, i knew we were going to make such a great team. she was so friendly and honest and her love story was like something out of a nicholas sparks novel, i practically cried when i read it!! i'm convinced someone will make a movie out of it someday. :) 

even the meaning behind her business name is romantic - her grandmother used to sign every handwritten letter with 'as ever' instead of 'sincerely' or 'truly'... so naturally, all i could think about was drawing a quill and i'm so glad i ran with the vision! funny enough, it was something that jenny had thought about too, but didn't mention it to not hinder my brainstorming process, ha! [how sweet is she?!]

after the logo had been created, we dove into design elements for her blog - the social media buttons, background, and a blotted line underneath the menu [which is one of my favorite parts!]... and i just love how it all came together. jenny was an absolute dream to work with, and i'm so honored i had the opportunity to do so! thanks again jenny!! :) xo!

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