April 1, 2013

skull church majestic!!

there is nothing i love more than seeing people's lives changed and refreshed with hope, and that's exactly what skull church is all about. friday night at the majestic was an incredible party, and i can't begin to tell you how honored i am to play a small part in such an amazing event.... an event that was so dear to lenya lusko's heart. i couldn't help but think of her as i drew up these arrows + skull... that she would be front and center at this event - singing at the top of her lungs. awesome as that would be, i know she's singing at the top of her perfect lungs now, in heaven, right beside Jesus! the thought makes me cry + rejoice at the same time.

if you have a spare moment... actually, even if you don't have a spare moment, TAKE a moment, move things around in your schedule and watch sunday morning's message by levi lusko... you will not regret it - it will change your life.

my sweet, strong, courageous friends - the luskos - still need our prayers as they've now entered month three without their lenya lion. i can't imagine, so i can only pray that God would fill in the gaps of my inadequate prayers, and continue to give them strength that surpasses understanding!

love you all!

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