April 8, 2013

rough sketch: amy clarke!

hello + happy monday!

i am so excited to be sharing today's artist with you! amy clarke is a seriously talented makeup artist based in southern california, who is actually in brazil right now pouring into the lives of young women who are eager to learn the art from her. she's such an inspiration to me in so many ways and i absolutely loved getting to know her a little bit more through her interview.... and i just know you'll be inspired by her too!

thanks amy for taking time out of your busy schedule to hang out over here for a bit. :)

q. // when did you start doing make up + what prompted you to start?

[ a. ] I started my professional makeup career at four years of age. My mom left her makeup in a drawer that was accessible to grubby fingers, and the CoverGirl started flowin'! My younger sisters were repeat customers. Fast forward 13 years, and I did my first bridal makeup (work chum). Two years after that, someone actually thought to pay me for it (I liked that).

q. // what inspires you + where do you find it?

[ a. ] People inspire me. They can inspire me by having made something, or by having made something better. They can inspire me with their voice or with their heart. They can inspire me by making me think, "I can do that.", or by making me think, "I should be doing more of that." I'm always caught off guard when I run into those people. God usually just walks me right up to them.

q. // when you're not working with makeup, what's your favorite thing to do?

[ a. ] When I'm not working with makeup, I'm sanitizing my tools. But that's not my favorite thing to do, and not what you asked me. My FAVORITE thing to do is spend time with my best friend, Mr. John Clarke. We like to go to museums when we're broke, and plan trips when we're not. We go to museums a lot.

q. // if you could give one piece of advice to fellow creatives, what would it be?

[ a. ] If I could give one piece of advice to fellow creatives, then I would give two (hey, my foot's already in the door!). First, I would tell them to feed their brains with the fruit of other creative minds. Spend time in art museums and exhibits, furniture designers' showrooms, and libraries. Watch classic movies and foreign films. If you're a creative person, it's impossible to walk away from that stuff without an idea for something.
The second thing that I would tell them is to TAKE A DAY OFF. Your body and mind need rest.
"A seven day workweek does not a creative person make. duh." (a quote from amy herself... feel free to copy + paste or write it on a sticky note on your desk!)


[photos of amy taken by logan cole]

some of her beautiful work:

to see more of amy's work, visit her blog or instagram!



  1. I looked at her work & she is a SERIOUSLY talented girl! Thanks for sharing! Very inspiring for me. Definitely makes me want to grow and learn more as a makeup artist!

    1. lindsay!! i had no idea you did make up! that's awesome!! so glad you're inspired by the interview... i can't wait to see YOUR work!! :) xo!

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