March 15, 2013

stepping stones

for the last couple days, i've found myself thinking about all the jobs i had prior to becoming a 'full time' artist last year... which is still so weird to say by the way!! and i was inspired by joy's post to share about it...
i've been a receptionist at a socal christian radio station, an admin assistant at the newport beach chamber, a project coordinator at a super cool architecture firm, and then a part time nanny...

i can honestly say that even though there were moments of wishing/praying myself out of corporate america, i learned so so so much from each place. i'm now so thankful for those experiences that have helped pave the path i'm on right now- being an artist/business owner/customer service rep/designer/accountant... you know, all the hats you didn't realize you'd have to wear as a self-employed artist. all of them were necessary stepping stones, i needed each one to prepare me for what i'm doing now... and all the tough lessons i've learned, all the mistakes i've made in the last year as a newbie freelancer, is all a stepping stone to being a better business owner and artist.

i guess the point i'm trying to share with you is that i'm learning [slowly] to be present, to be open to *learning*, and not resent the stepping stones... they're just as important as the destination.

happy friday everyone!! any st. patty's plans? do we even know what corned beef is?? i'm 1/4 irish and i've never tasted it... maybe i'll do that this weekend, i owe it to my heritage right?! :)


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