March 12, 2013

open house

i remember them well - those annual nights where all your work was plastered on the walls of each classroom, your essays + reports neatly arrayed on tables, showing your parents what you've been doing in school all year... hopefully making those private school dollars all worth it. ;)

well, i admit it's been quite a few years since those open house days, but my goal has been to keep learning new things, have the mind of a student, even if it's not in the desk-and-whiteboard setting.
when katie rodgers of paper fashion announced she was going to be offering an online fashion illustration class, i knew i wanted in on it! for so long the world of fashion has inspired me - everything from the initial sketches to the myriad of fabrics, and i'm so excited to learn from the best!!

so i thought i would host my own little open house at the end of the 2-week course [it's not too late to sign up!]... here's a sneak peek of my inspiration for the course....

speaking of fashion, anyone else watching project runway?? i feel like it's anyone's game right now, but i'm rooting for stanley!

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