March 1, 2013

march desktop + iphone wallpaper!

where do i even begin?! if we're being honest, reading that verse up there just leaves me speechless....
God doesn't just come over with a pretty key to free us from our shackles... but breaks + shatters those chains with His bare hands. well, that's what i picture anyways....

Jesus was hands on. He washed His disciples' feet. He wrote messages in the sand. He walked on water. He cooked meals + broke bread. those very hands that made blind men see, and those feet that walked miles from city to city to reach + love people, were nailed to a rugged, splintery cross.
for you. for me.

that's why i know that Jesus breaks our chains of bondage with His own hands, He wouldn't have it any other way... and only HE is able to do that. only He, not me, will tread down my enemies. gosh, isn't that so freeing?!

as easter quickly approaches [march 31st!], kelli + i hope that this desktop + wallpaper would be a reminder of the powerful, ongoing victory we have in Christ....don't we all need that?! me! i do! [raising my hand]

also, i've had a couple requests, so this month we're providing iphone4 + iphone5 wallpapers [see below].

love you all, happy beginning of march!! :)


iphone 4 wallpaper:
iphone 5 wallpaper:

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