February 25, 2013

the branch family!

family illustrations are becoming such a fave for me... it's so fun to portray each member's personality through ink + paint, or any medium really. i think that's my favorite thing about any project whether it's logos, or family illustrations, or invitations -- knowing [or getting to know] each client and bringing out their personality through art.

a couple of weeks ago, a long time friend, maddie, asked me to illustrate her sister-in-law katie's growing little family... something she would give katie at her baby shower - such an amazing idea!! i'm totally stealing that. :) anyways, i've actually known katie + her husband, tyler, for years so it was just a super special project all around... can't wait to see the sweet new addition to their already adorable family!!

ashley :)

oh... and a fun 'ink-to-color' transformation: