February 22, 2013

from the nest: easy, GF curry

i've been on the hunt for new [easy] recipes, because i honestly rotate the same 3 dinners... [poor husband...] so when i came across this one from martha stewart, i knew i had to try it! it seemed easy enough, it's gluten-free [the husband and i both have allergies] and who doesn't want curry for dinner?!

of course i made some alterations to it - adding spice + cutting the quantity down a bit - because we are a family of two and, well, i didn't want to have a huge batch if it didn't turn out.... oh, but it did!!

this was the perfect amount for two with leftovers! if you have a larger family, just double the recipe. :)

feel free to grab the recipe image above and store it on your computer for easy access when you're ready to cook! let me know what you think!!


  1. This looks amazing and will be cooked next week!! I'm GF too, so feel free to ask for recipes!

    1. thanks sarah!! i would love to get some new recipes!! ...email me your faves?? whenever, totally no rush. :)