February 15, 2013

from the nest: bauble holders

i'm just going to confess right now that organization doesn't come naturally for me. i have to work at it. but when i do, i am always so happy, especially when it doesn't involve plastic bins. i love figuring out ways to store things creatively because it's really all about aesthetic for me. if it doesn't look good, then i'm not motivated. sad but true.

i've been in desperate need of a jewelry box or tree or something, but just haven't found one i like... so i was infinitely delighted when my dear friend got the organization juices flowing with this bunny dish from anthropologie. suddenly i realized i already had a place i could display my dainty necklaces on - little tree branches!

with such cute places to store my favorite pieces, i'm so motivated to keep things in their place and not on the coffee table/bathroom counter/kitchen shelf or wherever else i've been known to leave my treasures. :)

how do you store your accessories?? i would love to see your space!


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