January 23, 2013

your part matters

"but david said, 'look at what the Lord has given us! the portion of the one who went down into the battle will be the same as the portion of the one who remained with the equipment! let their portions be the same.'"
[1 samuel 30:24]

let me paraphrase a little background to this verse... david and his army had just defeated their enemy in battle, rescued their wives and children from captivity, recovered all the possessions that had been taken from them, and are now coming back to their camp to restore everything to its rightful owner...

when they got back home, some of the soldiers thought they should entitled to keep all the possessions they had recovered, that the ones who stayed behind shouldn't get anything because they didn't fight in the battle, they weren't heroes after all.
enter david. [a man after God's own heart] he's like, "no way! we're going to treat them the same as those who fought - their portion is the same as ours." we each did our part, and each is equally important!
isn't that truly God's heart?

we all have a role, a role that God has called us to, a role that is different/specific/special to each of us, a role that is just as vital as the others - we just need to be faithful to do it, whatever that role is, seen or unseen.

maybe you've been having those moments where you feel like quitting, or feel unimportant [i've felt that soo many times!!], or even frustrated that you're just 'watching the equipment' while everyone else is being applauded for their battle victory - just remember that you matter more than you can fathom...we're the same in God's eyes... He has chosen you for this!

don't lose heart friends, be faithful at your post and He'll bless you. 


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  1. yes me too!! it's such an important thing to remember! xo