January 2, 2013

cheers to a new year

i hope you all had a fun new year's, spent with people you love. the husband and i were both sick in bed, so i wouldn't say it was fun but i was glad to be together.

i love the idea of starting fresh - a new year, a blank canvas, another chance to tackle those goals we didn't quite get to last year...

2012 was a full, stretching, adventurous year with lots of surprises [some good, some not so good] and it only gets me excited for what the new year will bring. i've never really been one to make new year's resolutions, but i do have a few goals this year...

- give God my best, not leftovers
- love more, + without fear
- create create create, even on those days i feel like quitting
- step out in faith, + out of my comfort zone

have you set any goals for the new year? would love to hear them.

cheers to a new year, friends!!

ashley :)


  1. Happy New Year! I hope that you will keep posting a new desktop wallpaper each month in 2013.

    1. yes! i'll still be posting a new wallpaper every month... this month's is coming very soon! thanks! :) xo