January 10, 2013

be courageous!

on january 2nd, the husband + i started a reading plan to read through the Bible in 90 days... whew... sounds like a lot, right?? it totally is. honestly, it sounded impossible at first, but now that we're a week into it, it's actually amazing + seriously, doable.

what i love most about it is that you get a different perspective on things, a bigger picture of what's going on. take the story of joseph for example, the guy's mom died when he was really young, then his brothers plot to kill him but instead sell him into slavery when he's 17, then a few years later he's promoted from slave to head steward of his master's house... but then wrongfully accused of a crime so he's sent to prison, then a few other crazy things happen and then he finds himself standing before pharaoh when he's 30 to interpret nightmares, then becomes pharaoh's right-hand man, where he would soon save his family from dying. 

i never realized it was a span of 13+ years of trial after trial. he so easily could've asked "why, God?" or could've been angry with God, but he wasn't, he was obedient in every situation and God blessed him, eventually bringing him into an amazing prosperous position, + a position to save his family. 

i was so encouraged by this, like never before... it's so easy to look at trials as just plain bad. of course, they're usually really difficult, but God is in control... He'll use those situations to bring more good than we can imagine, not just for us but for our loved ones too! love that.

take heart + have courage, friends! if you're going through difficult things, know that God will not only use it for your good but also for the good of those you love. 

ashley :) 


  1. this is great Ash!!! i need the reminder all the time! God is good, no matter what.

    1. amen!! He is always good. love that so much!! :)