January 31, 2013

a lovely palette: navy + neutrals

well, v-day is in two weeks and as you've probably noticed, i'm just feeling all kinds of romantic... so i've been putting these pretty palettes together for inspiration.

i tend to default to pinks + reds when thinking "romantic" but navy hues paired with neutrals are absolutely lovely... a calming, moody romance.

xo :)

[pins // a plateful of haute cakes + mini cake + textile love]


  1. There is something about a crisp navy paired with a neutral that is chic as well as romantic. I tend to gravitate toward those colors instead of the classic pink & red around this time.


  2. perfect palette.... love seeing things other than the typical red/pink combo for valentines's!

  3. i know! i'm having the same thoughts... i might not do anything in red or pink this valentines day - these are just too pretty not to use!