January 25, 2013

a breakthrough

"...and david defeated them there; and he said, 'the Lord has broken though my enemies before me, like a breakthrough of water.'..."
[2 samuel 5:20]

a breakthrough of water. i couldn't get this verse out of my head after i read it... david had defeated the philistines, a familiar foe, one that he had fought many times before, but this time God gave a such distinct victory - like pent up water breaking through. 

i couldn't get it out of my head because like david, it feels like i've been fighting the same battle for too long - the battle against discouraging thoughts, then the battle against frustration when i realize i've been listening to those thoughts... like, "shouldn't i be past this? am i really struggling with this again?!" 
have you ever felt like that? it's so difficult to overcome! then once i do, it doesn't take long for the battle to ensue once again... and i just sat there reading this verse, picturing david who has battled these philistines so many other times, he could've easily asked the same frustrated questions that i am... and then God broke through, a victory like none other. 

...that's what i envision happening to the things we're battling against - being swallowed up and carried away in the water. it's not the end of them, but a rest from them. david had to fight the philistines later in his life again, but after that breakthrough it's recorded that the philistines were subdued for awhile - david finally had rest from his relentless enemies... 

i'm praying you have rest, a breakthrough of water, a long-awaited victory in the coming months... maybe even today! 

xo!! :)

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