December 12, 2012

modern junkie

one of my favorite parts of the design process is reading about each client in their 'about me' email that i require before i draw anything. it's always so fun to read about their uniqueness + glean inspiration from their personality. sometimes i get a vision right away for design + sometimes i have to work at it for several days before anything comes.

this time, the vision came immediately. as soon as i started reading karina's email, i felt like i met her face to face. she was so cool + friendly + real, + i found myself saying "mmhmm" + "me too!" out loud as i read about all of her favorite things... + i felt like i knew exactly what she wanted!! 

i'm so happy + thankful i had the chance to work with karina [the super awesome modern junkie] + i can't wait to check out everything in her new shop [coming soon]!!

congrats karina, thanks so much for letting me design your banner!!


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