December 6, 2012

hello, 28...

every birthday eve, i find myself reflecting on the past year + wondering what the next one will bring. a year ago i was celebrating my 27th birthday with my new, sweet montana friends, preparing to drive back home to california, wondering if i'd ever come back... it was emotional... i think i cried for the first 20 minutes of our road trip. little did i know that 3 months later we'd be packing our bags [+ a giant semi truck] to move to montana.

the last year has been stretching for me, in so many ways, kinda like growing pains... it's not the most comfortable thing but it's bearable because you know there's a reward coming.... was uncomfortable + sad to leave my family + friends in california [where i had lived my entire life] but it was worth it + exciting at the same time, knowing we'd never regret stepping out in faith, moving when God presented the opportunity. 

....i opened up about my past this year, sharing things that i thought i would always keep secret. i've been able to face it, be transparent about it, be honest about struggles, in hopes that i can encourage you.'s been so exciting to watch this blog grow + have the opportunity to connect with so many people around the world... can't believe this thing started less than a year ago!! it's been a personal victory to be consistent + keep at it even on those days i feel like giving up, learning that patience is key to persevering. 

....i used to not like the idea of getting older, but i've realized that getting older is a gift [even if i did find a few gray hairs last week, yep that happened]... so it's with that truth that i can happily say good-bye to 27 + hello/hooray to 28! cheers!!


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