October 23, 2012

latest obsession + handwritten fall menu!

if you guys ever find yourselves in whitefish, mt, you must grab a coffee at the red caboose - it's my favorite shop in town! i wrote this menu out for them a couple weeks ago, but i have yet to try any of the festive delights... my drink of choice for the last week has been a chai latte with a shot of espresso aka christmas in a cup.

what's your favorite beverage this time of year?

p.s. this is what it looks like right now. yes, it's october and that's a ton of snow... but i'm not complaining... it's just more reason to have said coffee obsession in hand! :)

stay cozy everyone! :)



  1. Can I come back already? A coffee sounds delicious and all that snow is making me want to take you snowboarding ASAP.

    1. hurry back!!! have fun on the east coast!!! :)