July 13, 2012

what's your brew?

wow, can't believe it's been a week since i last posted... well, actually i can, i've been wrapped up in a few different projects [which i'm so excited about] + remember little baby braveman? yep, he's here!! baby ezra trontel is adorable!! congrats reed + kelli!!

in other news, it has been boiling hot here the last few days so i've taken up my iced latte addiction again.... luckily i have a sweet husband who loves making them for me first thing in the morning!! i've made a few myself too... only when he's gone though. :)

right now, we're pulling shots from 6 degrees beans [from billings montana]... so good + the beans smell like dark chocolate, if it were up to me i'd buy coffee based on that alone!
when i'm not feeding my addiction, i'm brewing peet's snow leopard for iced tea. mmmmm.

any coffee beans or tea i should be trying?! i'd love to hear what you guys are brewing...

happy friday!

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