June 22, 2012

my week in instagram :: MT to CA to MT to Canada + back!!

holy smokes, time really does fly when you're having fun. i can't believe how much i've been able to do in the last ten days + i'm so thankful for every moment!! if you don't follow me on instagram, here's a peek at my excursions....

[in order: kidnapped by my lovely california friends, portola coffee lab, portola with friends, a visit to my old starbucks haunt, my baby sister graduates, father's day backyard roast, a trip to haute cakes caffe, homeward bound, montana, husband + i making our way thru canada, bryan adams, en route home thru glacier national park]

would love to hear about your adventures!! :)



  1. How funny, I live down the street from Portola. My husband and I go there every weekend for our once a week coffee! Did you get a chance to try Iron Press or browse Deer Lovely?

    1. so funny!! wanted to try iron press, but didn't have enough time! i've heard it's so good. i love deer lovely, such a cute place!! :)