May 1, 2012

monthly inspirational download....

for me, images evoke inspiration... [which is probably why i spend way too much time on pinterest] + since a lot of my time is spent working on my computer, i love to change up my background to keep it fresh.

the amazing shanna murray used to post monthly desktop calendars but stopped sometime last year, so my lovely friend + photographer, kelli trontel, + i decided to collaborate to offer a monthly desktop background that would not only stir up your creativity but also inspire + encourage you.

[just click the photo above, grab it + use it as a desktop!]

hope you enjoy + share the link with your comrades.



  1. Obsessed with this!!! Want the June one...I see the onions photo but there is no cal on it, only a quote. LOVE

    1. thanks jenna!! so glad you like it!!! we decided not to include a calendar on the june desktop, just to see what people prefer... so thank you for the feedback!! i'll include a calendar on the july desktop for sure :)